Kevin Barnett

Founder & Chief Curator

I am a creative producer, a husband, a proud father of two, and the founder of CoolxDad, a Houston-based nonprofit organization focused on fatherhood. 

At four-years-old, I was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor, a rare form of cancer. The emotional and financial impact cancer had on my family solidified, for me, the importance of support systems. People need each other. I learned this lesson early on and have never forgotten it. My work bridges the gap between culture, communities, people, and the businesses that make up their shared ecosystem. As a creative producer, I aim to foster a genuine relationship between brands and their customers. I am always looking for partnerships that enhance style and originality.

About CoolxDad

Among all the creative pursuits you’ll find on this site, nothing has changed and grounded my mission in life so much as being a father. I founded CoolxDad in 2020 because I wanted to tell a more truthful narrative about fatherhood within communities of color. I work every day in pursuit of that goal, curating events that bring families together, organizing community-service initiatives, and seeking collaborations that amplify our message. CoolxDad is all about abundant provision.

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